Hodges Farms

Wylie Jo Hodges sets another Cowtown Coliseum Arena Record in 2023 at the WRWC with 13.067

Hodges Farms.....Home of Versatile Performing Quarter Horses
Featuring the Bloodlines of
Sun Frost, Docs Oaks Sugar, Bully Bullion, Mr Jess Perry, Dash Ta Fame, Dash For Perks, Firewater Flit, Driftwood, Tres Seis, etc.

Offering outstanding versatile quarter horses for ranch and arena with lots of color, great disposition, speed and cow sense.

Our definition of a good horse, here at Hodges Farms, is one that can perform in any rodeo event or any job on the ranch and be near the best at ALL of it. He has to have heart with a "no quit" attitude, willing and easily trained. He must be sound and tough, not prone to injury. Quick, sure footed and SPEED are a must. The only time speed is a problem in a horse, is when you don't have it! To perform in all these areas, the horse has to have a great mind. Damon and Donna Hodges strive to offer their customers the best quality young horses that fill this bill!

Wylie Jo Hodges
2023 Region IV All Around Girls Champion competing on multiple Hodges Farms horses

Copper Stevens
2023 Region IV All Around Boys Champion competing on multiple Hodges Farms Horses

Wylie Jo Hodges On DH Oaks Pretty Gal in 20 Second Pole Run
2008 Brown Mare by PC Oaks John Red

DH River Cline
By PC Cline Frost
2008 Bay Gelding
Ridden by Donna Hodges

PC Shodo Frost
By Sun Frost
LTE Over $40,000
Ridden by Cody Hodges

DH Mighty John Red
By Mighty Jess
2015 Brown Gelding
Ridden by Howard Green

Come by the ranch anytime! We'd love to meet you!
Just off I-30, 45 miles West of Texarkana, TX

Donna & Damon Hodges
Donna and Damon Hodges

The Hodges Family
The Hodges Family & The Next Generation

Hodges Farms
Damon & Donna Hodges
3231 CR 3340
Omaha, TX 75571


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